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Frixion Clicker Refills for Frixion Clicker Pen

Save money and make your pen last longer with these Frixion Clicker pen refills. These are the only ink pens that allow you to write and erase through the power of friction! Using a special stud on the end, it’s easy to make sure that your notes are always neat and tidy.

This pack of 3 refills helps you to save money by allowing you to simply replace the ink cartridge rather than the whole pen, making it great value for money! They are designed to fit the Frixion Clicker Pen.

The 0.7mm nib on the clicker has a fine 0.4mm width line and a tungsten carbide ball in the tip which is highly resistant and durable.

You can even have some fun with these Pilot FriXion gel ink refills. The ink will disappear when heated, and re-appears in temperatures below -12C, making it perfect for writing secret notes!


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