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Used Eye-Pal Solo Reader


The Eye-Pal SOLO is a camera-based reading machine. Accurate, fast and easy to use.  This stand-alone device is easy to use and  requires no special training. be used right . The Eye-Pal SOLO reads aloud almost anything printed; books, newspapers, magazines, mail, and cookbooks, quickly and easily. It’s so simple to use that anyone can use it . Just plug it in, place a document, book or newspaper on the base of the device and, within seconds, you will hear it read aloud. To read another document, simply replace the current document with a new one. The placement of the page does not matter, so you can turn your document in any direction. There are no manuals and no complicated controls; just simplicity, speed and accuracy. . Do you have to pause while reading? Just wave your hand above the page. Eye-Pal SOLO is so precise and responsive that the reading will stop immediately. To resume reading, wave your hand again and Eye-Pal Solo will continue from the correct word.

Please note, shipping desktop electronic magnifiers is usually not possible. As such, please be sure to call our store before ordering any used items on our website. 414-615-0111. 


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