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Used Vision Buddy Wearable Device


The Vision Buddy television viewing system uses a virtual reality headset to allow a low vision user to see television programs more clearly, directly through the headset.  This brings the television viewing directly in front of the user and may allow them to see the entire frame of their television program.  Vision Buddy connects to your television, satellite, or streaming player using a simple plug and play connection and then streams  the HD quality video directly into the headset using real time image correction.  The video image can also be zoomed in or out for optimal viewing.  No wifi or downloaded apps are needed to use Vision Buddy.

 Using advanced OCR (optical character recognition,) Vision Buddy can take a snapshot of printed material and read aloud that scanned text, making print more accessible.  The digital magnifier allows the user to view and magnify, people and objects around them, for more clarity to things such as a friend’s face, a TV schedule, or a newspaper.

Please note, shipping desktop electronic magnifiers is usually not possible. As such, please be sure to call our store before ordering any used items on our website.



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