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WayTag Oval Hole Buttons for WayAround App- 25 Pack

About WayAround

Use the WayAround app for iOS or Android and the smart WayTags™ to add helpful information to items around your home and office. The simple tag-and-scan system lets you add a custom description for any item plus more details like washing instructions or expiration dates.

Once you’ve listed everything you want to know, just hold your device close to the WayTag to transfer your information. Easy-peasy! After tagging an item, scan it anytime with your smart device or WayLink™ to hear the description and details.

WayTag Oval Tag

WayTag Oval Hole Buttons connect wirelessly to the WayAround mobile app! In this way you can link physical items in your home and office (like clothes, socks, shoes, accessories, and more) to information you store in your WayAround account. Now you can create labels for anything you want quickly and easily!

Safety pins make it easy to attach a WayTag oval hole button to your garments, allowing you to easily identify their color or type.  WayTag oval hole buttons are a little bigger than the WayTag 2-hole buttons This makes the oval hole variety an ideal solution for anyone with fine motor loss or people who don’t like to sew. They are even heat-rated and waterproof, so they can withstand going through the washer and dryer. 25 per pack.

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