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Legacy Society

Leave a Legacy – Join the Legacy Society

By leaving a planned gift, Vision Forward welcomes our committed donors to the Legacy Society. We invite members to special programs and events that connect our numerous Vision Forward supporters.

As a member of the Legacy Society, know that your philanthropy directly helps individuals who are blind or visually impaired now and in years to come.

Why do our Legacy Society members give?

Introduced to Vision Forward through the Children’s Program, Paul Sweeney and his wife are members of the Legacy Society and are dedicated to continuing the “life-changing programs and services” provided here.

When asked why they chose to donate through a legacy gift, Sweeney stated, “Planned giving allows us to hand-select charities today that we want to make a special contribution to at some time in the future. It allows us to truly have a significant impact on our community in years to come, even if starting with only a small dollar amount… We recognize the importance of Vision Forward’s work and want to be supportive in a way that ensures these critical services will always be available.”

Vision Forward Association Legacy Society

Pat and Kathy Brockman
Patrick Brown
Daniel and Mary Corcoran
Dr. Herbert and Ruth Giller
Dr. and Mrs. David Hoffman
Patricia Keating
Barbara Stein
Lisa and Paul Sweeney
Ed and Anne Weiss
William Westphal