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Eye Care Professionals

Through our services, individuals who are blind or visually impaired learn how to make the most of their remaining vision to maximize their level of independence. They are introduced to optical devices (magnifiers and telescopes) and non-optical devices (lighting, glare control and contrast enhancement) to assist them with the daily tasks such as, reading, writing, watching television, and/or functioning safely within their work and home environment.

Our Low Vision Services are designed to be an extension of your eye care expertise. If you would like to refer a patient to our services, simply complete the Referral Form and fax it to us at 414-615-0167. We will contact your patient immediately to schedule an appointment. Following services, you will receive a status report for your records.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Terri Davis, at 414-615-0102. We look forward to helping your low vision patients.