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Birth to 3 Program

Cute toddler girl clapping with specialist as mom looks on in the background image.

Engaging infants and toddlers to thrive and reach developmental milestones.

Early intervention and family support are vital to every child with visual impairments during the earliest of years.  Our team assess the special needs of each child and create an individualized program to reach family goals.

Our team provides these services in a child’s home and community.  Vision Forward believes in creating partnerships with families and caregivers providing educational and emotional support to empower families with the tools they need to support their child’s development.

Functional Vision Assessments and evaluations in the areas of fine/gross motor, mobility, speech and language and sensory integration are completed to identify strengths to build upon while working towards progression of the child’s development, play and self-help skills.

The Vision Forward team, including teachers of the visually impaired, occupational, speech and physical therapists, and orientation and mobility specialists, have comprehensive training emphasizing best practice approaches and the specialization required to work with children who have vision impairments, promoting the use of functional vision as well as learning new strategies to compensate for visual loss.

When a child cannot receive direct services through Vision Forward, we offer consultation and training to professionals, early interventionists and day care providers.

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