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Birth to 3 Program

Cute toddler girl clapping with specialist as mom looks on in the background image.

Engaging infants and toddlers to thrive and reach developmental milestones.

Early intervention makes a critical difference for children with vision loss to reach their full potential. Our infant and toddler services help address any delays in development; allowing your child to progress and grow.

We provide these services in a child’s natural environment, in the home or childcare setting, and work closely with parents and caregivers, teaching them skills to support their child’s development. Staff engages infants and toddlers utilizing a variety of multi-sensory toys and objects that use sound, textures, color contrasts and lighting to stimulate the child’s sensory development. Our focus is on each child’s individual needs, while also addressing the skills that all children must learn for future success, and incorporating adaptive skills used by those with vision loss.

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