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Orientation and Mobility

Child walking with cane.

Helping your child move safely and independently

Children who are blind or visually impaired must learn to orient to their surroundings and move through a variety of environments.   Safe travel can be accomplished with the use of the remaining senses, learned travel skills and techniques, and mobility tools. An orientation and mobility (O&M) specialist provides comprehensive instruction in these competencies.

An early introduction to orientation and mobility skills gives children the freedom to move through the world. Vision Forward’s Orientation and Mobility Specialist works to develop and encourage independence, confidence, and orientation and mobility skills for children who are blind or visually impaired.

Through Orientation and Mobility training, our staff will cover the following:

  • comprehensive assessment in the areas of communication, concept development, exploration and learning, sensory skills, gross and fine motor skills, movement and safety and awareness
  • evaluation of a child’s orientation and mobility needs in home, school or community environments
  • preparation of sequential and meaningful goals that address needs in the area of Orientation and Mobility for the child’s IFSP/IEP
  • one-to-one instruction to learn skills to enable independent travel
  • recommendations regarding accessibility of natural and educational environments
  • instructional materials and aids as needed, including canes and pre-canes
  • parent education to support skills learned during sessions
  • sharing of community resources, educational information and in-service training to school, staff, and families of students with visual impairments

To schedule an Orientation and Mobility assessment:

Contact Tracey Stanislawski, Early Education Manager
414-615-0160 or