Speech and Language Therapy

Helping children with vision impairment reach their greatest communication potential and set them on a course for success.

Speech and language therapy helps build confidence, reduce anxiety and frustration, and can improve the overall quality of life for children with visual impairments.  

Vision Forward’s speech and language therapists provide expert evaluation and the latest, most effective therapeutic interventions. Therapy is customized to each child’s needs and provided in a fun, play-based context.

Families are engaged in developing goals and objectives and are provided with ongoing feedback regarding progress. They are also provided with resources and ideas for activities at home between sessions.

Pediatric Speech Therapy

Our pediatric speech therapists serve infants and children with: 

Feeding and Swallowing Therapy

Our Feeding and Swallowing services focus on safe and effective feeding and swallowing skills. Our providers can address reduced or limited intake, food refusal and food sensitivity. Feeding is a complex task and our providers work directly with families to increase input and variety and to make meal time a rewarding and social activity.

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