Assistive Technology

Vision Forward assistive technology specialists with an older woman at a computer image.

Assistive technology connects people with vision loss to possibilities.

Vision Forward’s Technology and Education Center ensures people who are blind and visually impaired have access to the latest advancements in assistive technology. The center showcases state-of-the-art assistive technology designed for use at home, in the classroom, and in workplace settings.

Assistive Technology Demonstrations

A variety of technologies exist to help people with vision loss carry out essential every day tasks and enjoy hobbies. Because of the variety of technologies available, it’s important to be able to get hands-on and get the advice of experts in the field. That’s why we offer free technology demonstrations. Try out the latest handheld and desktop electronic magnifiers, wearable devices for people with vision loss, OCR devices which can read printed text aloud, and more! Demonstrations usually last an hour and take place in a friendly and relaxed environment.

Assistive Technology Training

Technology is essential to modern day life thanks to the proliferation of smartphones, tablets, smart speakers and computers. Our assistive technology training program is there to help you learn the skills you need from experts in the field. We can train on anything! From low-tech devices such as voice activated phones, talking answering machines, and talking book readers, to high tech devices such as iPads, JAWS screen reading software, Braille notetakers and electronic magnification devices.

InFocus Technology Resource

Vision Forward’s InFocus technology resource consists of a YouTube channel, a blog and a podcast. These outlets are a great way for people with vision loss to find out about the latest in assistive technology, and learn how to use the accessibility features of their devices. The resource is regularly updated and is maintained by Cory Ballard and Luke Scriven from our technology team. You find all of our resources at Subscribe to our YouTube channel here Watch one of our videos below!

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