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Professional Referrals

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Vision Forward offers information and assistance to eye care professionals and case managers who work with individuals experiencing vision loss.

Early referral to vision rehabilitation for low vision patients is now the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s standard of care.  The Community Services for Vision Rehabilitation recently created a video featuring prominent academic ophthalmologists and experts on vision rehabilitation.  The video helps all ophthalmologists to better understand the impact of vision loss and the importance of referring patients to trained professionals who can help maximize their quality of life and make the most of the remaining vision.

Video: There is something you can do

Eye Care Professionals

We want you to know there is help available for your patients with low vision. Eye care professionals will often ask us, “When is it appropriate to refer my patient to Vision Forward?” The answer is simple: When vision loss interferes with daily activities or begins to impact your patient’s emotional well-being.

Through our services, individuals learn how to make the most of their remaining vision to maximize their level of independence. They are introduced to optical devices (magnifiers and telescopes) and non-optical devices (lighting, glare control and contrast enhancement) to assist them with the daily tasks they identify as being important to them such as reading, writing, watching television, and/or functioning safely within their environment.

To refer a patient to our services, please complete our referral form. We will contact your patient promptly to schedule an appointment, and following services, you will receive a status report for your records.

Professional Referral Form

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Department of Vocational Rehabilitation

Vision Forward Association offers adult Vision Rehabilitation services and product solutions for your consumers who are blind or visually impaired. We use a comprehensive approach to assist individuals who are visually impaired in attaining the highest level of functioning, both visual and non-visual.

Our professional staff has a multidisciplinary approach for assessment and training. Services available for your clients include Low Vision Services and Optometry, Adaptive Activities of Daily Living, Communications, Vision Loss Adjustment (Social Services), Assistive Technology Training, and Orientation and Mobility. The Vision Forward Store offers hundreds of adaptive product solutions that allow people with vision loss to accomplish daily living tasks at home and at work enabling them to maintain their independence.

Learn More About Professional Referrals

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