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Support Programs

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Find support, make connections and discover new possibilities with our support options.

For Parents of Children with Vision Loss

Monthly support and education meetings are held to provide families with opportunities to better understand their child’s special needs and strengths, find out about available community resources and learn to advocate for their child’s future. Parent mentors also offer support on an individual basis.

For Adults with Vision Loss and Family Members

Vision Forward offers New Perspectives, a five week support series to help adults of all ages and at all stages of vision loss and their family members, cope with the emotional impact of vision loss. Participants will build coping skills, learn practical strategies for completing tasks, and discover resources available to help make adjusting to vision loss easier.

For Parents with Vision Loss

Parents who are visually impaired and have children age 18 and younger can address topics like discussing vision loss and its effects with your child and other family members, child care providers, teachers, coaches, etc., providing safe supervision for children in and outside of the home, confronting stereotypes or negative attitudes about parents who are visually impaired and participating meaningfully in children’s school, religious and community activities.

For People with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP)

Individuals experiencing vision loss due to Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), as well as family members and friends who want to learn more about the eye disease, are invited to join us each month as we connect with others with RP and share strategies for living successfully with it.

For Adults with Vision Loss

Regular monthly support meetings are held for adults with vision loss. Participants gather to share experiences and gain new awareness and approaches to managing the challenges of life with vision impairment. Family members are welcome to participate.

Low Vision Support Group Network

In addition to Vision Forward, there may be other supportive groups in your community. Here is a link to a listing of these groups, as well as the contact information.  Low Vision Support Group Network

Learn More about our Support Programs

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