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Support Groups

Photo of Erica Weise talking with a clietn.

Find support, make connections and discover new possibilities.

When you experience a loss of vision, you can feel isolated and unsure of how to continue with your goals and dreams.  Connecting with others who are living with vision loss is invaluable to helping you find your way.  Vision Forward offers groups for people to learn from each other’s life-tested knowledge and wisdom.

Groups offered through Vision Forward include those for younger adults, older adults, persons with partial vision and parents of visually impaired children.  The groups are small and based on the needs of the members.  Some groups meet in person while others are held over the phone or through Zoom.  Using a computer is not required to participate.

Erica Weise, the social worker with Vision Forward, facilitates the group meetings.  Erica has a vision impairment as well as years of professional experience working with persons with vision loss and their families.

Learn More about our Support Groups

Anyone interested in knowing more about the groups or connecting with others with vision loss should contact Erica at 414-615-0163 or by email at