Centennial Celebration

photo of Vision Forward's building

2019 marks Vision Forward Association’s centennial year of providing services to the diverse community of individuals who are blind or visually impaired and their families. Throughout this 100th year, we take the opportunity to not only celebrate and honor our heritage but also eagerly plan our future.

What began in 1919 as an advocate group for the blind has evolved into an organization that offers comprehensive services to individuals experiencing all stages of vision loss.  Through the decades of services, one thing has been constant; people experiencing blindness or visual impairment want the same opportunities as their sighted peers.  Individuals have turned to our organization for help in overcoming the challenges vision loss presents and have found a community of support and information available throughout their lives.  Today at Vision Forward, we carry-on this important work daily and commit to the continued empowerment of people who are blind or visually impaired to have full, independent lives.

We invite everyone to join our journey, adopt our mission to “empower, educate and enhance the lives of individuals impacted by vision loss through all of life’s transitions”, and celebrate our centennial anniversary by helping us continue serving our community well into the future!