Ian’s Story

Ian and his family work side by side with an occupational therapist, vision teacher and speech therapist.

Ian is one of the children in Vision Forward’s Birth to 3 Program. After Ian was born, he was immediately admitted to the NICU to be monitored for seizures due to hypoglycemia. We met Ian and his family in August of 2014 when he was about 8 months old. At the time, Ian’s development was atypical for a child his age. He was:

Through the occupational and speech therapy as well as vision services we provide to Ian in his home, he has made some extraordinary gains in his development. Ian is crawling all over his home and is even trying to walk on his own. He is using his vision more than ever and is working with a speech therapist as he transitions from bottle feedings to solid foods. We are so proud of Ian and all his hard work with our therapists and teachers.