Need Some Low Vision Magic? Get a Merlin!

Enhanced Vision are one of the leading companies in assistive technology for visual impairment, and they have some great devices for everyday tasks such as reading, writing and watching television. One of the devices often used for reading and writing with is a desktop electronic magnifier, or CCTV. These devices have a camera which projects anything you put underneath it onto a screen. You can then manipulate the image with magnification, color enhancement, brightness and more.

The Merlin Ultra HD allows you to do all of these things and more! This desktop CCTV has a fantastic quality high-definition camera that does great color reproduction, making it not only great for reading and writing, but also perfect for looking at pictures. Whether you want to see images on a magazine, look at your smartphone or tablet, or look at photographs, the Merlin works great and looks great.

It is also very easy to use, with easy to understand, large and tactile controls which are located on the front of the screen. These allow you to magnify and minify, adjust color and brightness and turn off the device’s lights when you are looking at something with a self-lighted screen, such as a smartphone. Find out more about the Merlin Ultra HD in our video below!


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