eSight Enhances and Maximizes Remaining Sight

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Young girl wearing eSight, leaning in to her mother's shoulder imgVision Forward is committed to providing innovative technology to expand opportunity for our clients with vision loss. As a result, we have recently created a new partnership with eSight that will help our eligible clients make the most of their remaining vision.

eSight eyewear are digital glasses designed to enhance and maximize the effectiveness of your remaining eyesight.

The eyewear is hands-free, mobile and works at all distances. Users can adjust the contrast, invert the colors, and magnify up to 14 times what they’d like to see. eSight users can also have their prescription lenses built right into the eyewear.

eSight can be used to do just about anything from shopping independently in a mall, to recognizing a friend in a crowd, to typing on a computer keyboard.

Know someone who could benefit from eSight? Contact Jacci Borchardt, Program Director, 414-615-0121 or

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