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Q&A with Kathy Bonesho, OT

Therapy Manager at Vision Forward with over 20 years of experience working with children who have visual impairments.

Q: When should a family contact someone about concerns regarding their child’s vision?

A: As soon as there is concern about a child’s vision, families should contact their pediatrician, ophthalmologist or Vision Forward to set up an appointment. Immediate attention is critical because early intervention services can minimize and even prevent developmental delays, enhance a child’s development and provide assistance and support to families.

Q: Why should families contact Vision Forward?

A: Vision Forward has a team of experts—teachers of the visually impaired, therapists and an orientation and mobility specialist—who work together to help children who have vision loss.

Q: How can Vision Forward help?

A: Initially our team partners with families to find out their concerns and then develops an individual plan for each child based on his/her unique needs and abilities. The team helps to educate families about child development, as well as their child’s diagnosis, explaining how vision impacts learning, play, daily living skills and social-emotional development. Next, assessments that may cover functional aspects of vision, mobility, gross and fine motor skills, language and learning are completed with the child and family to give the team a better idea of how the child is functioning developmentally. Goals are then established based on family priority and the child’s needs.

Q: What support is available for families?

A: Vision Forward offers families support through parent meetings (educational topics), parent match programs, parent and teacher conferences, social group outings (ice cream social, pumpkin farm outing and museum trips) and a parent social network.

Q: Who do I contact to learn more about Vision Forward’s services for children?

A: If you have questions regarding services for your child, please contact Kathy Bonesho, Therapy Manager, at 414-615-0169 or

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