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Four-year-old Andre is learning to navigate the world, despite the visual, physical and communication challenges imposed on him by Cortical Vision Impairment (CVI) and Cerebral Palsy (CP). And we’re so proud to share his progress!

In the video below, Andre’s mom Terri shares details of her son’s journey. In addition, Kyla Murphy, one of our Speech-Language Pathologists, discusses the holistic team approach to treating Andre and the growth that has resulted.

Every small step of Andre’s progress is integral to his overall ability to live with both Cortical Visual Impairment and Cerebral Palsy. Making sure that he and all children living with vision loss have access to early intervention services is so very critical. These services help ensure that kids can achieve the important developmental milestones that set them on course for future school and life success.

It’s a big reason that Vision Forward exists. We know that addressing vision loss early in life is key to helping kids learn and grow, so we continue to offer a full menu of services that address every area of a child’s development. Through individualized treatment plans with a holistic approach, we can increase the chances of success for young children with vision loss.

It takes more than $3 million a year to serve everyone who comes to Vision Forward for help. After program fees and other revenue sources, we’re left with an annual shortfall of about $1.2 million. Because we never want money to be a barrier to receiving vital services, we continue to fundraise throughout the year to ensure that children and adults can access the help they need, regardless of their ability to pay.

As we move forward into our new fiscal year and away from some of the challenges of the past year—masks, social distancing, constant sanitization—we invite you to come see our Children’s Program in action. Come be inspired by Andre and the other kids enrolled as well as our staff and find out firsthand why our unique program is worthy of your support. A well-functioning child is a huge return on investment, so come be part of our mission!

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