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Vision Forward offers OrCam, an innovative device for people with vision loss.

The OrCam is an innovative, life-changing device for people with vision loss. The OrCam is a pair of glasses with a smart camera attached that is activated by pointing it at an object and pressing a trigger button.

Using its powerful processing engine, it interprets visual information, recognizing text and cross-referencing faces and products with items it already knows. The OrCam proceeds to convert the visual information into speech and feeds it into the earpiece of the person wearing the glasses, all in real time.

“As someone who has very little usable sight, I was amazed by the powerful experiences of using the OrCam device,” stated Cory Ballard, Vision Forward Assistive Technology Specialist. “What seems like simple tasks for someone with vision—like reading through handouts my children bring home from school or going through our mail—can be very involved and frustrating tasks for someone with vision loss. Using the OrCam I can now easily access print materials without any assistance while conveniently sitting at my kitchen table.”

Vision Forward’s Rose Visser, Occupational Therapist, and Cory Ballard, Assistive Technology Specialist, are now Certified OrCam Trainers.

If you know someone who could benefit from the OrCam, contact Rose Visser at 414-615-0115 or rvisser@vision-forward.org.

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