Prodigi Connect 12: See the big picture

Prodigi Connects' wireless distance camera allows students to sit with their peers, anywhere in the classroom, rather than always right up front.

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The Prodigi™ Connect 12 from Humanware is a powerful digital magnifier and 12-inch tablet that can be used just about anywhere—school, work, home or on the go—to access print information and communicate more effectively.

The Prodigi Connect 12 is especially useful for students with vision loss who are in a typical classroom setting because the magnifier has both desktop and distance viewing features. It also has Smartboard connectivity and a built-in Android platform that links students to the Internet with the push of a button, allowing them to access preinstalled apps such as Google Docs, Drive, Gmail, Google+, Hangouts and Chrome.

For a demonstration of the Prodigi Connect 12, contact Lori Hoeft, Program Assistant, at 414-615-0127 or

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