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Preschooler Zy'aire recently reached an important milestone — walking independently!

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Monumental Moments

As an infant, Zy’aire was diagnosed with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia. He doesn’t have functional vision, but does have some limited light perception. For the past three years, Zy’aire has been working with a team of experts at Vision Forward to help him reach the developmental milestones typical for children his age.

Today, Zy’aire is an eager preschooler with a willingness to learn. He recently had a monumental day because he reached an important developmental milestone — walking independently. With a smile on his face, Zy’aire walked next to his mother without holding her hand. The pride in his, and his mother’s, face was priceless. His mom stated that she is so proud of her son for all of the accomplishments he has made and the obstacles he has overcome.

Miss Emily works with Lucas in the Sensory Tots program at Vision Forward.

Multi-Sensory Experiences

Our Sensory Tots sessions provide an engaging and educational experience for children with vision loss and their families. These planned sensory activities highlight music and art therapy involving multiple sensory cues, educational tactics and social engagement opportunities. Through this multisensory approach children learn portions of a task, repeatedly, one piece at a time. These details are then connected in a systematic way to allow a child to formulate the big picture.

Sensory Tots is also a great opportunity to connect families with each other and give children a chance to use all their senses — what they can’t see, they learn by touching, listening or tasting their way through an activity. As Andrea, mother of Lucas (pictured to left), describes it, “Lucas loves music with Miss Emily! He really enjoys the big drums and playing all the instruments. The staff at Vision Forward are always so creative with the sensory activities and games. We both have fun!”

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