Meet Shalene

Shalene lost her vision at the young age of 24 due to a condition called pseudotumor cerebri.

After coming to terms with this devastating loss and the dramatic changes it imposed on her life, Shalene sought help from Vision Forward. In a very short time, she learned how to safely cook, clean, use public transportation, navigate the community, and use technology designed for individuals with visual impairments.

When Shalene realized that vision loss did not diminish her capabilities, she enrolled in college. To support her on her journey, our orientation and mobility specialist joined her on campus to help her learn to get around and find all her classes. After she graduated and secured employment, our assistive technology specialist went to her workplace to assist her in learning to use a screen reader and voice recorder, and to help educate her co-workers on how to best support her.

Vision Forward has been a very great asset in my life

Shalene, Vision Forward client

Today, Shalene is the proud mom of four-year-old Madison who has autism. In her position as a Peer Support Specialist, Shalene is using her education and experience to make a difference for others in the community. Shalene’s resolve and tenacity have helped her move beyond her vision loss, enabling her to accomplish anything she desires. She is truly an inspiration!

Thank you for investing in Shalene and others living with vision loss.

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