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Knobby Green Chewy T – Practice Biting and Chewing Skills


Innovative oral motor device designed to provide a resilient, non-food, chewable surface for practicing biting and chewing skills. Speech pathologists recommend Knobby Chewy T’s  for healthy mouth development while learning feeding, biting and speech skills. Chewy T’s  help people developing initial motor oral skills or rehabilitating the jaw. It is made of an approved thermo-elastic polymer material. Safe for mild chewers or beginners practicing biting and chewing skills. It it can be used as an oral fidget for people who need stimulation and pro-prioceptive input. They can be used as an alternative to chewing on hands, knuckles, shirts, pencils, etc.


  • Safe, non-toxic durable surface for biting and chewing activities.
  • Latex-free and do not contain PVC or phthalates.
  • Intended for individual use, with adult supervision.
  • Bitable stem of the T reaches back into the molar region sending appropriate proprioceptive input.
  • Babies enjoy the knobby texture for tongue exploration.