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Orcam Read 3.0


The Orcam Read 3.0 is the latest in Orcam’s line of OCR products, featuring all of the benefits of the Orcam Read 2.0 and exciting new features! Like the original Orcam Read, oyu can instantly read printed or digital text from any surface, at home or on the go, and use Smart Reading to find and jump to specific words, or any content of interest. New to the 3.0 is the ability to use the Orcam Read as a magnifier! Connect the Orcam Read 3.0 through WiFi to your computer screen or tablet and turn it into a customizable browser-based magnifier! You can zoom into text, images, handwriting, have them read aloud, or read them yourself with alternate color and contrast options. Additionally, utilize the power of GPT-4 with a built-in summary feature that will summarize a page of text for you, freeing your time up for more important matters.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Wireless
  • LED Lighting built in
  • Multi-Language reading
  • WiFi allows connection to a computer
  • Use as a magnifier with zoom and color modes
  • Can read handwriting
  • Summary feature to summarize a page of text
  • Comes with stand
  • 13MP camera
  • Smart reading option – ask it to read whatever interests you!
  • 0.8oz

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