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Orcam Stand


This versatile, lightweight portable stand is perfect for those that struggle to align the OrCam Read with the text they wish to read.

A lightweight portable stand for your handheld OrCam devices:

Simply place your OrCam into the holder with the buttons facing outwards.

The height of the stand can be adjusted to suit your preference for the capture area, a lower position will have a smaller capture area, whereas a higher position will provide a larger capture area.

Once you have placed your OrCam into the stand, place your document between the legs of the stand underneath the OrCam to capture.

You can then use your OrCam device using the buttons or via voice* as you usually would, to capture your document.

You can choose to use the internal speaker or connect the supplied external speaker to enhance the volume.

All OrCam devices have Bluetooth connectivity so there is also the option to connect to an external Bluetooth speaker such as an Alexa or for more privacy you can connect Bluetooth earphones.

*Voice control is not available with the OrCam Read.


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