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Pot Minder – Prevent Pots From Boiling Over


A great cooking utensil generally makes preparing and cooking meals simpler, and the Pot Minder does exactly that! If you are tired of your pot boiling over then this could be the thing for you. The Pot Minder helps prevent over boiling by modifying the number & size of bubbles rising to the top of the pot, and rattles in the pot to let you know that it is boiling.

Use the Pot Minder ceramic disc while cooking potatoes, pasta, soup and more by simply putting it at the bottom of your pot. Its specially formulated ceramic materials are heat treated to be non-porous and fully vitrified, so it does not affect the flavor or aroma of your food


  • Rattles when the pot is boiling
  • Modifies number and size of bubbles to prevent boiling over
  • Does not affect food flavor


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