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Children & Youth

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We’re here to help children and youth who are blind or visually impaired get a great start in life.

From the early stages of infancy all the way through to adolescence, Vision Forward’s expert staff offer education, therapy, guidance and training for young people to reach their full potential as they grow toward an active and independent adulthood. Services include:

  • Our Children’s program addresses any delays that infants and toddlers who are visually impaired may have.
  • Our Early Education program helps youngsters prepare for a successful transition into school.
  • Our School-Age program assists students, their families and caregivers, providing a wide array of services from pre-kindergarten through high school.
  • Our Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy services promote development in communication, feeding, fine and gross motor skills and more.
  • Our Visual Consultation will help parents and caregivers better understand their child’s visual impairment and practical strategies to support new skills
  • Our board-certified music therapist works as a member of our interdisciplinary team to help support and address development of physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs of individuals through Music Therapy.

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