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Every child deserves a moment to shine!

Eleanna was born with optic nerve hypoplasia (underdevelopment of the optic nerve). This condition left her with very limited vision and altered her focal point.  Her family reached out to Vision Forward for support and to enroll her in services when she was just over four months old.

Today, Eleanna is a vibrant preschooler in our program who is achieving milestones toward independence.

Your meaningful gift gives Eleanna the chance to continue to successfully learn and grow despite her vision loss.  You can make this moment last a lifetime for individuals of all ages living with vision loss.

Now is your moment to shine by providing a gift to Vision Forward this holiday season!

Ways to Donate

Learn More About the Impact of Your Support

We invite you to schedule a tour of Vision Forward to see firsthand the impact of your support.  Contact Leona Knobloch, Director of Development and Sustainability, at 414-615-0114 or .