The Moser-Kaplans: A Family Affair

Eight members of the Moser-Kaplan Family pose for a photo in their neighborhood.

Zoe Kaplan is a familiar face around Vision Forward and a very welcome one at that.

Since 2016, she’s been volunteering her time to help with projects that enrich our programs and services. She likes doing a variety of tasks, such as preparing mailings, assembling packets, and braille materials for those who are blind. Sometimes Zoe fills the halls of Vision Forward with the sweet smell of freshly baked cookies, which she generously shares with staff.

lly came to us for services after she lost her vision due to a brain tumor at the age of 15. With the sudden onset of blindness, Zoe’s parents, Dr. Barbara Moser and Dr. Eric Kaplan, began looking for help on how to teach and guide Zoe on adapting to life without vision. They wanted to make sure they taught her the right strategies from the beginning, because Zoe, who also has autism, finds it hard to relearn things in a different way. The staff at Vision Forward had a lot of insight and expertise to share, offering the entire Moser-Kaplan family a game plan on how to move forward.

To complement the services she received at her high school, Vision Forward provided Zoe with additional training in braille, adaptive daily living skills, computer usage, and orientation and mobility (wayfinding and white cane travel). Zoe also became a master of household tasks such as washing dishes, folding towels and baking tasty treats.

After graduating from high school, however, a typical nine to five job wasn’t the best fit for Zoe, so she and her family began looking for suitable volunteer opportunities. They inquired at Vision Forward, and we jumped at the chance to have Zoe join our team. Zoe enjoys helping with a variety of different projects and especially likes to engage in teamwork. She employs her sense of perfectionism to ensure that tasks are done thoroughly and without error.

Zoe says she feels a sense of belonging at Vision Forward, and she feels good about completing the jobs she’s given.

Zoe’s parents are impressed at how much independence she has gained through her volunteer experience. They share that Zoe takes on responsibilities at home, such as washing the dishes after every meal. They feel the skills Zoe has learned have brought greater meaning to her life and made every day more enjoyable.

Barbara and Eric have been generous supporters of Vision Forward since experiencing firsthand the difference our services have made in Zoe’s life.

“You’ve been an ongoing part of our life since Zoe became blind,” adds Barbara, “and you’ve added to the meaning of Zoe’s life.”

Vision Forward is grateful for the generosity of spirit demonstrated by the Moser-Kaplan family as they give back in ways that demonstrate their shared beliefs and values. What a powerful way to positively impact those who are blind and visually impaired!

Thank you for investing in Zoe and others living with vision loss.

Together, with your support, we can positively change the present and future of people of all ages who are blind or visually impaired.