Vision Forward Meets The Blind Life

The number of assistive technology products on the market continues to expand every year, which is great news for consumers as it means more choice and more competitive pricing, but it also poses a challenge when it comes to making a decision as to what device is right to fit your needs.

We would always first and foremost advocate meeting with an assistive technology professional, as they are versed in the available options, their pros and cons, and which device or devices are best suited to meet your goals and abilities. Sometimes however, this just isn’t an option.

If you find yourself in this kind of predicament, YouTube is a great place to go. There are a number of channels now which showcase assistive technologies for people with a vision impairment (including our own channel,, and they are often presented by people knowledgeable in the field and with personal experience.

One channel that we’re a big fan of is The Blind Life, presented by Sam Seavey, who himself has a visual impairment. This channel features content all geared toward living with a visual impairment, and heavily features assistive technology. It’s presented in a fun and informative way and is the next best thing to trying the technology for yourself!

Vision Forward’s InFocus team and Sam at The Blind Life recently teamed up to talk about Aira, the digital assist platform that connects you to sighted professionals who can answer any visual questions you might have. Check out the video below!

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