I Feel Grateful for my Vision Loss Because…

The headline to this blog post may have caught you off guard, because it’s not often that gratitude and vision loss go hand in hand. In this season of giving thanks however we decided to find out whether there were any ways in which vision loss had made a positive impact on any of our client’s lives.

Surprisingly we found that there were many ways in which our clients felt that their vision loss had led to some positive change, and we thought that the message was quite inspirational. So what do you do if you have an inspirational message? You share it with as many people as possible! Let’s see what our clients had to say…do any of their experiences mirror your own?

I feel grateful for my vision loss because…

I better understand the pain and complications other people experience in their lives and feel I can respond to them with greater empathy and care. 

I often get a chance to see the good, kind side of others.  So many people are thoughtful and caring toward me. 

I don’t meet typical expectations, so I feel greater permission to go ahead and be my authentic self. 

I am less embarrassed about small mistakes or disappointments.  I am less likely to sweat the small stuff.  

I save money when I don’t have to turn on the lights. 

I am less caught up in the Rat Race.  I keep my life simpler. 

I get more exercise because I walk instead of driving. 

I stand out as a distinct individual.  People remember me and look forward to interacting with me. 

I accept more of life’s limitations and realize you can’t always get what you want. 

I don’t focus as much on how aging has changed my face. 

I have an excuse to talk with other people than I otherwise would. 

I don’t judge others by their appearance but try to focus on their inner essence. 

I find that my relationships with family and friends are deeper than they were when I had normal vision. 

I don’t have to see ugly or violent images in the news. 

I sometimes get some extra consideration like being able to

be in the first group to board a plane. 

I have met wonderful people who have supported and challenged me around my vision loss. 

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