Ring Ring, Blindshell is Here!

Communication is key, and the telephone is a great way to do it, but what if you find smartphones are just too much hassle to learn? Although there are options out there, there isn’t anything especially made for people with vision loss.

This is where the new Blindshell Classic comes into play! Built specifically for people who are blind or visually impaired, the Blindshell Classic is completely accessible AND simple to use. Despite this it still manages to pack in some great and up-to-date features, such as voice control and dictation, emails, internet radio, weather, music playback and more!

But if all you want to do is call and text, no problem. Blindshell Classic has a large print, high-contrast display, full voice output for every function and voice input, allowing you to control the phone with just your voice! Want to send a text message? Simply tell Blindshell Classic to send a message, and dictate what you want it to say. Easy!

But don’t take our word for it. Check out the video we made covering some of the basic functions of the Blindshell Classic, and decide for yourself. If you have questions, then get in touch!

Call us: 414-615-0103
Visit us online: https://vision-forward.org
Email us: infocus@vision-forward.org

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