Keeping Entertained During COVID-19!

Staying inside is important right now, but how to stay entertained? There’s plenty of great content out there thanks to digital media and streaming services but not all of it is accessible. Luckily, Vision Forward has you covered! Check out our videos below to find out what streaming services and devices offer accessible content for people with vision loss, and how to use those features! Remember, if you are struggling with your technology, our technology team is available to help. You can call 847-770-0410, email or fill out our online scheduling form here to make an appointment for a virtual training session!

Accessible Streaming Devices

First off you’ll need an accessible device that allows you to stream content to your television. If you have a Smart TV then you’re already covered, but if not you can use one of the solutions below. You can still purchase through Amazon who will deliver, or purchase through Best Buy and do curbside pickup.

Apple TV: The Apple TV can be connected to your television with an HDMI cable, and provides a fully accessible interface using magnification and the VoiceOver screen reader that you may be familiar with from Apple’s other products. It will allow you to find television shows and movies that you are interested in using its intuitive remote, and even has SIRI built in so you can find content just by asking! Check out our video on the Apple TV here

Amazon Fire TV: Amazon Fire TV is cheap and again can be connected to your existing TV through an HDMI port. It has very similar offerings to the accessibility built into the Apple TV, including magnification, a screen reader and Alexa voice control functionality.

Accessible Content

Once you’ve figured out how to stream your content, you need to find the content you want to watch! Luckily many digital streaming services have accessible content with audio description, allowing you to hear the action on the screen being described. Check out the streaming services below

Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime: All three of these popular streaming services are accessible to screen readers, and have audio described content. Find out how that works in our video!

Video Magnification

Another solution for people with low vision is to use a wearable electronic magnification device. The best one for watching television at the moment is the Vision Buddy, which wirelessly sends the image from your television directly into the headset so you can watch it in a large, bright format right in front of your eyes.

You can get the Vision Buddy from Vision Forward (see it in our store here and have it shipped right to you. We can even offer remote training!

Make sure to check out our video on the Vision Buddy here to find out how it works.

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