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Vision Forward's Tech Connect (image with photos of Cory Ballard and Luke Scriven)

In our continuing mission to create informative and entertaining educational resources to everyone who needs them, Vision Forward has launched a new assistive technology resource – Tech Connect.

Vision Forward’s Tech Connect is an online resource designed to provide assistive technology (AT) demonstrations, webinars and interactive live sessions. We pride ourselves in presenting potentially complex topics in a way that makes sense for everyone. Regardless if you are an AT user, professional in the field, or hoping to assist a family member or friend, we have something to help you. We work hard to make our content enjoyable and understandable.

Get Connected!

Tech Connect can be found at You can then quickly set up a free account to get access to our ever growing library of webinars and produced videos.  Choose the “Webinars” category to browse our current offerings or choose the “Search or Browse our Video Content” link, from the main navigation, to see a searchable list of all our produced videos. Only want to see videos about the iPhone? No problem! Just type “iPhone” into the search and watch as the video list is filtered.   

More video content can be found on our YouTube channel. If you find YouTube hard to navigate, use our friendly search and browse page to access all of our video content.

Tech Connect has been generously underwritten by the Lavelle Fund for the Blind.

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