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Help Vision Forward win a Trexo Robatic gait trainer!

Trexo Plus Givaway and image of the Trexo

World Cerebral Palsy (CP) day is on October 6, and for the next month leading up to it there is a contest to win a Trexo Robotic gait trainer for a year and we need your help to win!  What is a Trexo Robotic gait trainer?  It’s a robotic walker that has extraordinary impact for children with CP – a neurological disorder that affects movement, muscle tone, balance and posture and is the most common motor impairment of childhood, affecting about 1 in every 345 children – and many of the children we work with at Vision Forward.  The Trexo robotic gait trainer assists a child with walking or learning to walk.  It will actually move a child’s legs to walk.

How can you help?  We need your vote to potentially win this device to use at Vision Forward giving children the opportunity to walk for the first time in their lives.   All you have to do is vote with the link and instructions below!  Thank you for your time with this and let us know if you have any questions!

In the box that says what hospital or facility would you like to nominate?
Click Vision Forward Association.

Please share with as many people as you can think of and encourage family and friends to vote too.  The two facilities with the most votes on October 6th will win.


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