Racine Community Foundation awards grant to expand vision health and vision loss services.


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Racine Community Foundation awards grant for Vision Forward and Prevent Blindness Wisconsin to expand vision health and vision loss services. 

(MILWAUKEE, WI – September 26, 2019) Vision Forward Association and Prevent Blindness Wisconsin received generous grants from the Racine Community Foundation to expand vision loss and preventative vision health services in Racine. An array of programs to address the needs of people living in Racine County will be developed by Vision Forward’s team of experts in the area of vision loss and Prevent Blindness Wisconsin’s experts in the area of preventative vision health. Prevent Blindness Wisconsin will pilot the Vision 4 Racine program which will expand Prevent Blindness Wisconsin’s current vision health services in Racine and will address the vision health needs of children and adults through four program areas: Community Partnerships, Vision Screening, Awareness, and Education.

“We are thrilled to be able to partner with two established organizations to provide programs and services for people living in Racine County,” states Liz Powell, President & CEO, Racine Community Foundation.

This initiative is a wonderful partnership to ensure a holistic approach to information and vision related services is created in the county. 66% of Wisconsin adults 40 years and older are affected by some sort type of vision impairment or eye disease, yet only 45% of Racine adults have received an eye exam in the last year. Adult eye diseases often show no noticeable symptoms until irreversible vision loss has occurred, making early detection and treatment essential to preserving vision. 1 in 20 preschool-aged children and 1 in 4 school-aged children has a vision problem. Because 80% of learning happens visually for most children, a child who struggles to see will often struggle to learn. Many vision problems, in both children and adults, are highly treatable if caught early and vision loss can be halted or prevented entirely.

“The Racine Community Foundation’s grant plays a vital role in our ability to extend our outreach and education to children and adults to promote early detection and treatment of vision problems,” says Tami Radwill, CEO, Prevent Blindness Wisconsin.

“As we work to expand our services and programs in the Racine area, this grant helps ensure that the community members and professionals have an awareness of the importance of vision health, as well as vision services, resources available and how to access them.  We’re honored to partner with Prevent Blindness Wisconsin on this project and truly value the support of the Racine Community Foundation,” Terri Davis, Executive Director, Vision Forward.

About Vision Forward  |  www.vision-forward.org
Vision Forward is a 501C nonprofit organization devoted to empowering, educating and enhancing the lives of individuals impacted by vision loss through all of life’s transitions. Vision Forward offers support, education and training and a full spectrum of programs uniquely designed to build confidence and independence for people of all ages living with vision loss.

About Prevent Blindness Wisconsin  |  www.wisconsin.preventblindness.org
Founded in 1958, Prevent Blindness Wisconsin improves the lives of children, adults, and families through early detection of eye conditions to prevent blindness and preserve sight. On-going vision screening activities and state-wide public health education lead to a lifetime of healthy vision. 

About the Racine Community Foundation  |  www.racinecommunityfoundation.org
Working to enhance the quality of life for the people of Racine County by encouraging and providing opportunities for charitable giving and by managing and distributing the funds in a responsible manner.


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