OrCam Announcements from the Consumer Electronics Show, CES 2020

Each year, companies flock to the Consumer electronics Show, CES, to show off the new devices they have been working on and highlight some out of this world concept devices typically hidden away in their research labs.  Most assistive technology companies do not visit CES but this year, the creators behind the OrCam line of devices made the trip.

New Features for the MyEye 2

OrCam announced some new software-based features to their wearable reading device, the MyEye 2.  Currently the MyEye 2 provides the user with very fast optical character recognition, product and facial recognition, and money identification.  Some of the new functionalities being featured includes natural language processing and object identification.

New Devices

OrCam is also featuring completely new devices at this year’s show.  The OrCam Hear is a small discreet wearable device which promises to identify and isolate a specific voice, out of a group of voices, and send it wirelessly to a Bluetooth speaker.  The OrCam Read is a pen style device designed for those living with print disabilities such as dyslexia.  Simply point the OrCam Read at text and have that text read out loud.  Finally, the OrCam MyMe is a device designed to wear on your clothes which constantly monitors your surroundings.  The MyMe will scan for faces in your immediate area and use facial recognition to provide you with stored information about that individual which will be pushed to a smart phone or smart watch.

It is very exciting to see the mainstream technology being highlighted at CES and I hope more assistive technology companies take OrCam’s lead and share their future technology with the general public.  Keep an eye on this blog for future video demonstrations of new OrCam devices.  Until then, check out the TEC Demo of the current OrCam MyEye2!

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