Watching TV as a Vision Impaired Individual

Watching television is a past time which everybody enjoys, and with all the great content out there you certainly don’t want to miss out! With that being said, as a vision impaired individual there are certain challenges introduced when trying to do something as visual as watching television.

Luckily, there are a number of great accessibility options available now to people with vision loss which can make watching television a more user-friendly experience. Some of the accessibility options include:

1) Voice output which speaks aloud TV channels as you move to them

2) Magnification options

3) Contrast enhancement options

4) Large and bold print options

5) Audio description which provides descriptive voice over for programming

Even with all these options, you still need to know how to turn them on and use them in order to take advantage of them! That’s why we have started a new video series which will be dedicated to different ways to access television, and eh accessibility options that they provide.

In the first video we take a look at Apple TV. This streaming box connects to your television, and allows you to stream content from popular providers such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, as well as watch live TV. Being an Apple product, it has a number of accessibility features for people with vision loss that can make the experience of watching television easier and more enjoyable! Check it out at the video below.

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