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Cloverbook Pro Advanced Electronic Magnifier


The CloverBook Pro has a large 12.5-inch Full High-Definition screen and offers full-page text-to-speech capabilities, distance viewing and self-viewing all in a lightweight, foldable, and extremely portable unit! Not only this, but it comes complete with an high-quality carry case so you can be as effective on the go as you are at home. The CloverBook Pro is a powerful device with a wealth of features, but traditional tactile buttons ensure it is not hard to use, and the built-in touchscreen offers even more control options.

The advanced functionality of the CloverBook Pro makes it ideal for students, with the ability to do distance and near split-screen, so you can view documents and make notes  while seeing the lecturer at the same time. The text-to-speech functionality lets you hear documents read aloud, simply by pressing the “T” button on the front of CloverBook, reading any text in view. You can even have the Cloverbook Pro read an entire 8.5×11 document by switching into full page OCR mode.

With the Cloverbook Pro you get all the power and features of the most advanced desktop CCTVs in a much lighter and more portable package!



  • Large 12.5-inch Full High Definition (1080p) matte touchscreen
  • high resolution camera for reading
  • Close up magnification range goes from 1x-60x
  • An innovative fold-out camera allows for distance and self-viewing
  • Full Page Optical Character Recognition and Text-to-Speech
  • Foldable and lightweight design – carry case included
  • Both tactile buttons and touchscreen controls
  • Distance and near cameras allow split-screen viewing
  • Pan live images with the built-in joystick or touchscreen
  • HDMI out allows for connection to a TV for larger viewing
  • Save images and choose between 16 high contrast modes
  • 3 hours use on a single charge – user rechargeable battery

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