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PENfriend 3 Voice Labeling System


The PENfriend3 Audio Labeler from RNIB can help you label anything in your home with your own recorded messages. Labels are recorded on the PENfriend3 wand and associated with a sticker that you can affix anywhere. Touch the PENfriend3 to the sticker, and your message is played back. Label food, medicine, files, or even leave a message for a care-giver. New design includes a music player and a talking book player. 8GB of internal memory and SD card slot up to 16GB.

The PENfriend3 Voice Labeling System comes with 127 colored labels.

Use the recordable stickers to leave memos, notes, lists, mark food items, dates of purchases, reminders, mark your calendar, music collection, record whatever you wish on these labels. The possibilities are endless.

Link to video


  • Instructions are provided in audio (in many languages)
  • This website also contains detailed video instructions
  • You can record new messages onto any label to reuse them where possible
  • Supplied with 130 recordable labels; each can hold a message or music up to one hour long.
  • 8GB internal memory stores 250 hours of recordings. Memory is expandable to 16GB.
  • Tactile high-contrast operating buttons and dedicated power button.
  • There are over 2600 unique audio reusable labels.