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Atomic Silver Talking Watch


This watch is easy to use thanks to its single button functionality. Hear the time, date, day of week and alarm status in a clear male voice. Thanks to its atomic feature, this watch even sets itself – it couldn’t be easier! It even adjusts for daylight savings time so you don’t have to worry about it. A single button is used to announced the time, day,  and date on this silver watch with an easy-to-see white face with black numbers. Includes an hourly chime and alarm. the watch sets itself and adjusts for Daylight Savings.

This atomic watch offers a large white face with bold black numbers and hands for easy, high-contrast viewing. This model has a white face with bold black numbers, a gray bezel and gray brushed metal expansion band and uses a CR2032 battery. A flex band makes it easy to get this watch on and off!


  • Sets time automatically
  • Single button control
  • Tells time, date and alarm status
  • Clear male voice
  • Alarm feature


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