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Atomic Talking Clock with Temperature Sensor


This radio-controlled clock is synchronized with the time of the US Atomic Clock and changes to standard time/daylight saving time automatically. No more hassle trying to set the clock! Once you have it set up, , you can display time, date, or indoor and outdoor temperatures on a large backlit LED screen. A simple button press lets you scroll through displays. Press another button to have the information on the screen read aloud by a pleasant female voice. You can also set this clock for automatic vocal announcements of time and temperature from 8:00am to 10:00pm.
Hear the time, date, indoor temperature and outdoor temperature read out to you whenever you like! The main unit uses 2 AA batteries, and the wireless remote requires 2 AAA batteries (not included). 
Please note: The atomic function will not operate in Hawaii or Alaska. This item cannot communicate with the National Institute of Standards and Technology from either Hawaii or Alaska and therefore must always be set manually while in those states.


  • No need to set the time!
  • Female voice speaks time aloud
  • Big display that measures 5.04″ x 1.73″(128mm x 44mm)
  • Clock, alarm, indoor and outdoor temperatures displayed and spoken aloud


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