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Coil Auto Touch LED Lighted Magnifier


Ideal for people with weak hands or poor grip, the LED light on the Coil Auto Touch magnifier automatically turns on when picked up and off when released. The LED light provides great illumination, doesn’t use much power and doesn’t give off heat. It also lasts for thousands of hours, making this magnifier maintenance free. Uses two AA batteries (not included).

Magnifiers are available in different powers. Bear in mind, the stronger the magnifier is, the smaller the lens will be. This means that you are able to read less efficiently with higher powered magnifiers. Different magnifiers are suitable for different tasks, and it is recommended that you try a magnifier before purchasing. You can call our store at 414-615-0111 for more information.

3X Magnifiers are in the rectangular shape, 5X and 7X are circular shape.

Watch our informative video on magnifiers here (link)