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Vision Forward Handheld Lighted Magnifiers


Vision Forward handheld magnifiers offer convenience and portability, providing a high quality magnification lens for reading. A broad, even field of bright white LED light is given by the built in lighting, illuminating whatever you’re looking at. The handhelds are available in ten powers, from 3X through 14X. A case is included. Uses three AAA batteries (not included).

3X Magnifiers are in the rectangular shape, 4X and higher are circular shape.

Magnifiers are available in different powers. Bear in mind, the stronger the magnifier is, the smaller the lens will be. This means that you are able to read less efficiently with higher powered magnifiers. Different magnifiers are suitable for different tasks, and it is recommended that you try a magnifier before purchasing. You can call our store at 414-615-0111 for more information.

Watch our informative video on magnifiers here (link)

Get your batteries here (link)


  • Good quality optical lens for even image
  • Bright LED lighting
  • Available in powers 3X – 14X