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Tactile Deluxe Wooden Checkers Set


Blind and sighted players can now enjoy checkers together with this accessible checkers set!  The attractive wood-framed checkerboard has raised black and recessed white squares with pegged holes to prevent the tactile wooden pieces from moving.  Includes plastic storage case for playing pieces.


  • Wood-framed 8×8 checkerboard has peg holes and features high-contrast, tactile (raised black; recessed white) squares
  • Game pieces are tactile wooden discs (12 flat top; 12 raised-circle top) with pegs to prevent accidental movement
  • King pieces (3 flat top; 3 raised-circle top) are approximately double the height of the uncrowned checker men
  • Includes: 13-inch square checkerboard and plastic storage case to hold all 30 checker pieces (almost 1 inch in diameter)


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