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Wooden Full Sized Tactile Chess Set


If you like chess, you’ll love this elegant full-sized, completely tactile chess set for people who are sighted or not! The large 9″ X 13″ wooden board is beautifully hand-painted with brightly contrasting colors for the black and white squares and the black squares are raised for easy tactile recognition. Each square has a hole in the center, which the peg at the bottom of each piece snugly fits into.

Two capture rooms at the ends of the board allow you to store and show off your opponent’s captured pieces. Each white piece has a large dot on the very top so that blind players can easily “see” whether each piece is theirs or their opponents. There’s no need to know braille to play this great version of chess!


  • Large 9″ x 13″ wooden board
  • Pieces slot in place to avoid being knocked over
  • Raised black squares for easy tactile recognition


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