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The Eye-Pal SOLO has been designed to read aloud to a low vision or blind user almost any printed text material including books, newspapers, magazines, letters and medicine bottles as quickly and easily as possible. It’s so simple to use that anyone from a young child or someone who is elderly can operate the device. The Eye-Pal SOLO was developed so that anyone who is blind or visually impaired can read printed text by having it read out to them in a human sounding voice.

To use the Eye-Pal SOLO all the user needs to do is take the device out of the box and packaging, plug it into a mains power supply then place a document or any printed material at the base of the machine and within a few seconds the machine will begin reading out loud to the user. To then read another document or printed material the user just needs to chance the current document to a new one. It does not matter too much about the exact placement of the document and the page orientation is not a problem either as the Eye-Pal SOLO recognises the direction and format that the text should be read in. The Eye-Pal SOLO does not require the use of complicated controls and manuals – it has been designed with speed and accuracy in mind.

This device is great for low vision users as it is possible to control reading actions by the wave of the hand! If a user wants to take a pause from reading all they need to do is wave their hand underneath the camera and automatically it will stop reading – this is due to the sensitivity of the camera. To start reading again, the user just needs to wave their hand underneath camera again.

Please note, shipping desktop electronic magnifiers is usually not possible. As such, please be sure to call our store before ordering any used items on our website.


  • Printed material is read out instantly within a few seconds.
  • Fast and accurate reading of text.
  • Starts to read text automatically after placing printed materials onto base of the device.
  • Activated by hand motions – start and stop reading by wave of hand.
  • Ready to use right out of the box

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