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Tactile and Brightly Colored Washer Stickers


These tactile self-adhesive stickers are bright orange and are shaped to identify the function of various buttons on your washer! Stickers include start, cancel, heavy, normal, light, temperature, rinse, spin speed and soil level. Using these stickers, it’s easy for blind or visually impaired users to feel the function of each control.

  • Start is shaped like a sideways triangle
  • Cancel is shaped like a cross
  • Heavy is shaped like a filled in cone
  • Normal is shaped like a half filled cone
  • Light is shaped like an empty cone
  • Rinse is shaped like a shower head
  • Spin Speed is shaped like a half circle
  • Soil level is shaped like stairs


  • Self-adhesive
  • Bright orange
  • Fit most important functions of your washer
  • Distinctive shapes for each function