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English Talking Cube Clock with British Accent


If you need a simple to use talking clock, then look no further! The Talking Cube Clock has just one large, high contrast yellow button on top. When you press it, you will hear the time announced in a clear male English voice with a British accent. The volume can be adjusted from low, up to a loud level that would be helpful to people who are hard of hearing.

The Talking Cube Clock also has an optional hourly time announcement, a choice of five alarm sounds and a snooze alarm. Audible cues allow you to set and adjusting the clock without needing vision. Three tactile, bright yellow controls inside the back cover let you set the clock.

The Talking Cube Clock is a great choice for people with vision loss, as well as people with limited dexterity who need something easy to use.


  • Simple to use talking clock
  • Clear English male voice
  • High-contrast buttons
  • Optional hourly announcement in 12 hour mode (am/pm)
  • Accessible to set time
  • Choice of five alarm sounds
  • Snooze alarm


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