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Friendly Digital Alarm Clock


Senior Friendly Digital Alarm Clock, 7.5 Inches Large Display, Easy to Use, Fully Range Brightness, Adjustable Volume, Convenient USB Charging Port for Bedside



  • Easy Set & Read Large Alarm Clock: Elderly and visually impaired friendly with bold white numbers and a large 7.5″ LED display that remains visible from a distance. Simple to operate and easy to get started.
  • 0-100% Dimmer: Effortlessly customize brightness from 0-100% using a silent roll wheel. Ensuring optimal visibility without disrupting sleep or readability concerns.
  • Personalized Mornings:30 levels of adjustable alarm volume, gradually increases in volume from low to loud, providing a gentle, personalised wake-up experience. Touch the top for a convenient 10-minute snooze to get more sleep without worrying about being late.Easily turn off the alarm on weekends with a separate switch.
  • Convenient USB Charging: Effortlessly charge devices via the built-in USB port. Perfect for bedside use, catering to diverse charging needs for phones, tablets, or any USB-compatible devices, ensuring convenience and easy access.
  • Outlet Powered : Corded plug in clock for daily use; batteries just retain time and alarm settings during outages but screen will go blank and alarm will not sound.


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